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Experiential Christmas Village - Enjoyment for parents too


The Experiential Christmas Village is enjoyable for parents as well as at Cataleya Farm it also functions as a dining area with food, delicacies, coffee, drinks, snacks for the adults and the little ones to relax after the fun.

A visit to the Experiential Christmas Village of Cataleya  Farm is a unique holiday experience. Let us live it together!

Duration period: November to January

Free parking space

Deeply appreciating the family ties in our country as well as the special relationships between child and parents, we would create a multi-space family entertainment that meets the needs of parents and utilizes the skills of our little friends, developing an educational and entertaining program of activities.

More specifically, our vision is to create a family entertainment space that will offer fun to children and relaxation to adults. It will not be just a playground, but a specially designed space which in combination with the services offered aims at therapeutic entertainment and the creation of pleasant moments for every visitor regardless of age.


Experienced security staff, who will be checked for who has access to the place. The each operation is based on the physical and mental safety of your children and adults.

The toys will meet the strictest safety rules of the European Union and are approved by ELOT.

Our staff is specially trained so that they can deal with any adversity (aggressive children, first aid)

All our staff will be equipped with an intercom system, which contributes to immediate and fast communication / service.

Special child identification tags will be available. The child in the space can move freely, to enjoy the various activities, always under the supervision and guidance of staff. Upon the child's entry into the space, a bracelet and a corresponding card will be provided to parents and child. So in order for a mother to take her child and leave, the numbers must necessarily match.

Configuration of indoor activities and Bistro-Cafe-Resto where screens will be placed from where the parent can watch his child at any time.


Privilege card

Family and not name card for use by all family members. 3 main axes:

the therapeutic activity

the daily socialization of children and adulthood, creative employment of children

the relaxation & fun of the parents.


Children's Party

Parties for young and old are separate, organization with the ability to configure menus as desired by the customer.

We can guarantee a perfect result with the most relaxing and successful party. We undertake all the stages, from the invitation to the farewell gift. With the whole menu presented by our specialized chefs and with a huge selection of kids menus and your own suggestions.


Artistic production:


Disney heroes in costumes or simple costumes (pirate and prince)

Animator and clown with impressive juggling tricks, juggling. Proposals for all budgets, corporate and social packages.


Animation Program

The program includes:

  • Musculoskeletal games.
  • Action games.
  • Competitions.
  • Face painting.
  • Simple tricks: appearances - disappearances of objects, with the participation of children.

For all the children and the party balloon constructions.


Dance Party

Animators will be disguised as favorite children's heroes or will wear an animator costume.

This is a program that will include:

  • Musculoskeletal games, action games.
  • Dance and song competitions.
  • Knowledge games, pantomime etc.
  • Face painting (face painting)
  • Balloon constructions for all the children of the party.
  • Sound system with microphones.
  • Photorhythmic machine.



This is a program that will include:

Musculoskeletal games, action games.



Face painting (face painting)

Simple tricks: appearances - disappearances of objects with the participation of children.

Balloon constructions for all the children of the party.



Balance ramps.

Cones, obstacles, wreaths.




"Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf save the forest"

"The magic Tree of wishes"


Social events

An ideal place where it will combine the luxury of an estate, the enjoyable menu and infrastructure for the employment of children and all this in a reasonable financial context. The children will be hosted in the children's areas (kids area) and we will provide them with all the activity and supervision by experienced staff.

The place has a small church where it can host any social event (wedding - baptism).


Summer Camp

With affordable cost estimate

Possibility to provide healthy food (breakfast + lunch)

Gymnastics, theatrical play, football, modern dance, instrumental, cooking class, group games

Use of the swimming pool with sections for children, Hours 8: 00-16: 00

Ages from 5 years and special programs for baby swimming with specialized instructors and lifeguard.

The number of children is checked for the degenerate operation of the program




Children discover experientially:

80 different species of trees in our arboretum through interactive play

25 different species of plants in our vegetable garden through interactive play

Utilizing plants and fruits by making their own product depending on the season (eg tomato sauce)

Touching, smelling and tasting the different senses of the fruits, the program is accompanied by a special interactive form-game followed by a sports & entertainment program









Cataleya Farm is a model experiential and amusement park that organizes original and impressive events for unique fun experiences.

Themed Kids Parties based on the experiential programs of Cataleya Park, Corporate and other Events that entertain young and old, special Experiential Weekends for individual visitors as well as the unique Experiential Christmas Village.

Amusement park

Cataleya Farm is the favorite experiential park of the children, gives the opportunity to individual visitors to enjoy its unique experiential programs, through the "Experiential Weekends" action.

This village is evolving towards the holidays and into a Christmas village that is presented for the first time and we would like it to become an institution in the Southern Suburbs.

The most beautiful Christmas passes through the unique Experiential Christmas Village of Cataleya Farm!

The children have the opportunity to live a special and "magical" Christmas experience from the beginning of November until the end of January, with an emphasis on the holidays in the unique Experiential Christmas Village in their favorite Cataleya Farm.

In the Experiential Christmas Village the children will find:

  • Santa Claus with his happy elves
  • a real farm for unique experiential experiences
  • Santa's toy workshop
  • workshops for creating Christmas sweets and decorations
  • The Playground with amazing games and activities.
  • With the parade of famous Disney heroes and drummers who awaken the audience in a feast of colors and lighting culminating in the lighting of our Christmas tree that dominates the center of the space.

In the Experiential Christmas Village of Cataleya Farm every day is special, with different fantastic performances, shows and many, many Christmas surprises. As well as many wooden houses where you can buy your favorite sweets, charms and toys surrounded by the colorful huge carousel that frames our excellent ice rink.

Experiential & Amusement park

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